PPG Minutes: 31st March 2022




Time: 6:00PM
Location: Hybrid Meeting on Zoom and on site at SMA Medical Centre


Twelve attendees in total (Nine were face to face Including AA & MP the PPG chairs and Nick Christou (NC) senior practice manager). Three Virtual attendees. Apologies two SMA patients did not attend due to personal reasons. Attendees have not been listed due to GDPR.


PPG Chair Update


MP presented to the meeting attendees the progress the PPG have made since the Hurley Group took over the SMA practice and included practice updates listed below:

  • A new reception telephone queuing system has been installed. The feedback from today’s patient group at the meeting was positive.
  • The reception area has had an automated patient sign in system installed.
  • High patient participation and successful events have taken place prior to Covid that included heart disease awareness, diabetes awareness and the carers day. Flu vaccinations, blood pressure checks, sugar level and smear tests were also available on the event days.
  • Event participants completed general short surveys. The survey findings were presented back to the patient group at the next PPG meeting.
  • The next event agreed at today’s meeting will be, Mental Health awareness, cancer screening for prostate, cervical, breast and e-consult training.
  • Negotiations are ongoing with the practice manager to reinstate on-line pre-booked face to face GP appointments & messaging services
  • NVQ training for office staff has commenced.
  • SMA patients can communicate directly with the PPG chairs without going through the practice by using the confidential PPG email address TBC. The practice will not be able to access the emails you send to this email address. If you have any recommendations or topics that are not health related that you would like to discuss relating to the practice or NHS, please let us know
  • The meeting participants unanimously agreed that the vote for chairpersons to be postponed due to covid.
  • SMA Practice Video. Film the video


Practice Manager NC Update

  • The Hurley Group have applied to NHS England for a Premises Improvement Grant. The proposed improvements to the premises are to convert the upstairs staff kitchen to an additional consulting room, convert the upstairs meeting room to a multi-purpose room and kitchenette for staff and the installation of automatic main entrance doors. Further updates at the next PPG meeting. TBC 2022
  • Additional services that are now available at the practice are physiotherapy, clinical pharmacists, social prescriber, paramedic, health care assistants and home BP monitoring.
  • Practice opening times are now Monday-Friday 08:00 – 18:30.
  • The Oliver Close practice will cover patient appointments from 18:30-20:00.
  • E- consult timings are now Monday-Friday 08:30 -18:30 only.
  • The Flu vaccination program has been phenomenally successful.


AA Update

Healthwatch (HW) Waltham Forest are currently in the re-organisation process, resulting in the cancellation of virtual zoom meetings in 2022. At the HW meetings GP PPG representatives share best practice. In my opinion our practice leads the way as we actively promote and document patient meetings and events. Some other GP practices have these meetings with selected patients with either the GP practice owner or practice manager as was the case at SMA prior to the Hurley Group taking over the practice. Further updates at the next PPG meeting. TBC 2022
- Patients who require Covid or flu vaccinations do not have to have the vaccinations at a GP surgery, GP designated vaccination centre or within Waltham Forest. Vaccinations are available at a location, day and time including weekends that is good for you. Covid vaccination appointments are available on the NHS govt website. Flu vaccinations are available at most pharmacies and are also listed on the NHS govt website.
- The HW PPG committee members have requested the implementation of electronic blood test forms, so that patients do not have to visit the practice to collect the blood test forms. Updates at the next PPG meeting
- The Health Foundation - register online to receive invites to webinars and receive the latest news from medical professionals.



  • Participants at this meeting would like updates on the following: Updates at the next PPG meeting TBC 2022 
  • E-consult timings to revert to 7 days a week 24 hours a day for patients who have a health concern.
  • Patients are concerned that face-to-face GP appointments are at the discretion of the practice and patients are not able to see a GP face to face.
  • Hygiene concerns regarding the reception WC and that the toilet flush.
  • SMA website to show the correct practice opening times 08:00-18:30, currently showing 08:30-20:00.
  • Confidentiality patients had concerns that they have to disclose their medical concern to practice reception staff before being allowed to speak to or see a GP.
  • Today’s face to face meeting was in the practice reception area as the lift was not working.
  • The sign outside the practice to indicate if the practice is open or closed as the sign is always showing as open.
  • The SMA practice website strap line, and posters outside and inside the practice were new additions in communicating today’s meeting to SMA patients.
  • Thank you all for your support and input. We look forward to seeing you at the next PPG meeting on the TBC 2022 6PM-7:30PM (face to face only).