PPG Minutes: 20 March 2023




Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Location: SMA Medical Centre


  • Three patient attendees in total (not named due to GDPR). 
  • Andy Agathocleous & Mumtaz Patel the new PPG chairs. 
  • Dr Qureshi. 
  • Nick Christou (NC) Senior Practice Manager. 

Guest Speakers: Zeinab Awadalla Health Engagement Officer, Sharon Hanooman and Zakia Ali Social Prescribers. 
Apologies: One patient.


AA & MP PPG Chair Update

The notes from the previous PPG meeting on 27 January 2023 were reviewed and agreed by all meeting attendees. Meeting notes have been uploaded onto the PPG area of the SMA website.


NC CPCS update

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) – Patients that are unable to obtain a GP face-face appointments for non-urgent health concerns may be offered an appointment to see a pharmacist of their choice. The patient survey Question 8 completed at the PPG Mantal Health Awareness Day on 6 August demonstrated that 58% of patients were willing to see a pharmacist, 23% said maybe and 19% said they would not see a pharmacist if they were unable to obtain a GP appointment. 60% of patients that were referred to a pharmacist were successfully treated and did not require to see a GP.


Nick C practice update

The NHS approved improvements to the practice premises have now been completed.

  • A downstairs automated door entrance system has been installed.
  • The meeting room upstairs has been converted into a multi-purpose room and kitchenette.
  • The old lift has been replaced with a new lift.
  • Reception WC has been replaced.

Review of the Terms of Reference

The proposed Terms of Reference listed below were agreed with all the meeting attendees.

  • Elections for PPG Chairs have changed from the current two years to every three years.
  • Persons wanting to stand for PPG election must have attended 75% of PPG meetings and events.

NC to update The Terms of Reference to reflect the agreed changes.


Zeinab Awadalla

Health Engagement Officer - Guest speaker gave an insight into the Community Health activities that include Community Drop in sessions and Community Walks. Please contact Zeinab if you require additional information.


Sharon Hanooman

Sharon - Social prescriber and chair of the Orient PPG practice group, gave an overview of how they can link or connect you with activities in your local community to support you. A GP referral is required if you would like to see a Social Prescriber. Zakia Ali is the social prescriber for this practice.


PPG Event

Patients at the meeting agreed on the next Health Awareness Day to include Diabetes UK, Stroke UK, practice Nurse to conduct smear tests and childhood immunisations, blood pressure monitoring, resource from Arthritis UK. Dr. Patel will be in attendance to answer patient questions. The event will take place on Saturday 3 June 2023 12:00pm to 4pm. 


Patient Questions

  • Why is a GP referral required for a patient to see a Community Pharmacist for minor ailments ?. Does this mean Community Pharmacists will not see a patient with a Minor Ailment without being referred by the practice first?
    • NC to provide an update at the next PPG meeting.
  • Why are promotional and vaccination text message reminders to patients being recorded as consultations on the patient's medical records.
    • NC to provide an update at the next meeting as to why promotional text messages are being recorded on patients medical records as consultations and why vaccination reminders such as flu jabs are not recorded under immunisations.

Work in progress

  • Provide a list or a pamphlet of the services pharmacies provide with and without a GP referral.
  • E-consult timings to revert to 7 days a week 24 hours a day for patients who have a health concern. 
  • Face-to-face GP appointments are at the discretion of the practice and patients are not able to request to see a GP. 
  • Negotiations are ongoing with the practice manager to reinstate on-line pre-booked face to face GP appointments & messaging services. 
  • Provide a GP and SMA team photograph poster.

NC to provide an update at the next PPG meeting.


PPG update

SMA patients can communicate directly with the PPG chairs without going through the practice by using the confidential PPG email address. The practice will not be able to access the emails you send to this email address. If you have any recommendations or topics that are not health related that you would like to discuss relating to the practice or NHS, please use the email and let us know.

  • AA & MP to monitor emails sent to the PPG email address.

Thank you all for attending and input into today’s meeting and to our guest speakers. We look forward to seeing you at the next PPG event on the 3 June 2023 12PM-4PM at the SMA medical centre.