Our Appointment System




How to book an appointment

It may not be necessary for you to attend for an appointment. You can submit an e-consultation listing details about your condition and you will receive a response from the practice usually within 24 hours but you will be advised of the timeframe once you have submitted.

book appointment with GP


I still need to see or talk to someone at the surgery

Routine appointments with doctors can be booked by telephoning 020 8539 2078 or making an appointment directly with reception. It may be that you do not need to see a doctor but instead need to see one of the other health care workers. If so, please ask the receptionist who will help you.

Remember, if you are unable to attend your appointment please tell us so that we can offer that time to someone else.

The practice nurses are qualified general nurses who have decided to specialise in primary care work. If you need to see the nurse please make an appointment. The nurses work closely with the doctors and they are committed to promoting good health and preventing illness. As we have nurses with very varied skills and qualifications it is very helpful if you can give some idea of the type of help that you need.

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