Clinics and Services




If you are booking an appointment for a smear, health check, immunisation or special medical assessment, please tell the receptionist. They will be able to give you an appointment of the correct length and in the right clinic.


Well Woman

Cervical Smears: We encourage routine cervical smears and we will remind you when your next test is due. The practice nurses will normally carry out smears, by appointment. Cervical smears are normally carried out mid-cycle.

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Family Planning

We offer information, advice and support for all forms of contraception to any of our patients. Contraceptive services are provided during normal surgery hours. If you require emergency contraception this should be administered within 72 hours, (the earlier the better). Ask the receptionist for an urgent appointment.

Routine pill checks are carried out by both doctors and practice nurses.

Free condoms are available for distribution.

Managing Parenthood – People wishing to discuss any aspects of pregnancy or parenthood are encouraged to see their doctor or practice nurse.


Sexual Health

We offer testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.K. which affect both men and women. Most people have no visible symptoms, so they may not know they have the infection. Rarely, these infections can lead to problems having children later in life.


Foreign Travel and Immunisations

Practice nurses are happy to help you with medical aspects of overseas travel: documentation, immunisations, protection against malaria and medical advice. Most immunisations are free of charge. Please check with the nurses about charges for other vaccines.

For short stay holidays (less than 1 month) please book your appointment 6 weeks in advance.

For long stays (more than 1 month) book your appointment as soon as possible some of the recommended vaccines are a course of 3 and can take a number of months to administer.

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Flu Vaccinations

Each year, in early October, we begin our Flu campaign. We invite patients who are over 65 and those with certain conditions to attend for a vaccination.


Childhood Immunisations

Please remember to bring your red book. All new children should provide their immunisation record when registering.