About Us




Welcome to The SMA Medical Centre. We are a GP practice based in Waltham Forest.

The practice is under a Caretaking arrangement and has been managed by the Hurley Group since 15 January 2018.

The Hurley Group is an NHS Partnership exclusively led by practising GPs, providing patient-centred care in London since 1969.


Practice Mission Statement

SMA Medical Centre is an NHS practice committed to providing high quality, patient centred primary care to individuals in the Leyton/Leytonstone and E10, E11 area. As part of the Hurley Group it is committed to raising the standards of clinical care for patients by:

  • offering a wide range of services including new technologies and on-line options
  • ensuring all communications with patients are clear and comprehensive to ensure that they are informed about their options
  • providing systematic education, mentoring and training for clinical and non-clinical staff to ensure they provide the best possible care

Safe Surgeries 

Hurley Group is proud to be one of the first 500 Doctors of the World Safe Surgeries in the UK, providing accessible healthcare for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Safe Surgeries launched in 2018 and aims to remove barriers to GP registration by providing clinical and non-clinical staff with free training, advice, and resources on how to make their practice inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

The #SafeSurgeries initiative is a way for GP surgeries to commit to providing accessible healthcare to the most vulnerable in their communities.

By the end of 2020, 100 new GP practices had joined the rapidly growing Safe Surgeries network. In total, there are now 500 GP practices across 55 cities and towns that are committed to providing inclusive and welcoming healthcare for everyone in their communities.

Anna Miller, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Doctors of the World, said: "Doctors of the World is delighted that the Hurley Group has signed up to our Safe Surgeries initiative. This means that the local community can be confident that whatever their background, whatever their personal circumstance, they will receive the care that they are entitled to."

Find out more about the initiative here


Patient Feedback

We encourage patients to give us feedback on their experiences at the practice.